Remember to Relax - An Organist Credo
Written by Donald Moro   
Wednesday, 03 October 2012 17:06

Organist HandToday I read an article about an organist who had to keep "reminding himself to relax his hands."  This was a very interesting point that struck home with me because in all my years of playing (nearly 40) I can't remember anyone ever telling me to relax my hands.  But in the past few years as I have found my niche as a supply organist, I have found myself in very stressful situations.  I have had to play music that I never practiced, conduct choirs on a moment's notice, and accompany soloists who decided at the last minute to change their solo.  I have found, just be trial and error, that when you relax your hands you can play better!  Imagine that.  Just stop pounding at the keyboard and instead lighten your touch, raise your wrists, and play more lightly.

As a substitute organist, it's my job to be a calming influence in a stressful situation.  Being stressed and acting stressed usually results in poor organ technique.  But now that I know better, I can adapt.

I have never taught organ, but I hope to someday.  If and when I do, I will be emphasizing the importance of a light touch on the keyboard and at all times "relax your hands!"

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