Cameron Carpenter - Changing the Organist Paradigm
Written by Donald Moro   
Tuesday, 25 September 2012 08:24

Cameron CarpenterI recently viewed some videos of a young, talented organist named Cameron Carpenter.  Then, coincidentally I saw him on Good Morning America.  What a fine musician and showman!  He is very talented, good looking, outgoing, and his performances are full of style and fun.  He plays everything from Bach to Back Street Boys and really coaxes some sounds out of the organ that I never thought possible.

Some people criticize Cameron for his undignified performances, what with the sequins, sparkle, and arm-waving.  But I say bring it on!  If Cameron can do to organ playing what Tiger did to golf, then we'll all be better off.  Cameron has the style, talent, and obvious marketing skills to call attention to this most precious king of instruments, and his continued efforts to expose organ-playing as a true art form are welcome in my book. 

If you haven't seen this remarkable performer, check out this YouTube video.

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