Organ Playing on National Holidays
Written by Donald Moro   
Tuesday, 21 August 2012 07:00

I am often surprised at how different churches handle music for services being held on national holidays.  Some churches really get into the spirit of the holiday and want me to play as many national songs as possible.  On the opposite side of the spectrum, other churches want very little national music, and prefer to stay the course with standard hymns and psalms.  One church that I substitute at doesn't even have a flag in the sanctuary!

Of course, whatever I am asked to play, I play.  But I think that the church service is for the people attending it, and if they have chosen to attend because they would like to thank God for their country, then we should honor that request by playing nationalistic songs.  I'm not a theologian, just a humble organist, but that just seems to make sense to me.

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