Avoid the Pregnant Pause
Written by Donald Moro   
Wednesday, 08 August 2012 06:04

Oops (again).  I played at Catholic mass this weekend and learned that a guest priest was performing the mass.  Normally, when that happens I will introduce myself to him as the organist and ask about a few timing moments in the mass.

Well, as this was my fifth mass of the weekend, I decided to get a Starbucks instead and after returning to the church completely forgot to meet the new priest.

During the mass, we reached the gospel acclamation - one of the points I have found where priests and musicians need to be in sync - and there was silence.  I have found that some priests like to stand up before the music starts, which is my cue to play the music.  Other priests like me to play the music first which is their cue to stand up.  Being the cautious type, I decided to wait.  So did he.  There was silence, for longer than normal.

After the pregnant pause, I decided to give it a go on my own and play the music.  The priest seemed relieved to be able to get on with it.

The moral of the story is to always check in with the priest or pastor before the mass or service if for no more reason than to say hello.  More likely you will quickly get into a planning session on the timings of the mass or service.  You'll be glad that you did!