Decision to go Supply
Written by Donald Moro   
Saturday, 28 July 2012 08:16

I have been reading about the problems churches and regular organists have with finding substitutes and have decided to become a "supply" organist, or one who is not tied down to any particular church.  Of course, churches want and need consistency, but my regular job as a software salesperson really does not permit me to commit to that kind of schedule.

So, I have said goodbye to my friends at Second Church of Christ Scientist and asked to be put on their substitute list as a supply organist.  This way I can be flexible in choosing the work that I want, when I want it.  I can also jump in at a moment's notice when a crisis strikes.  I may not see the steady workload that I enjoyed as a regular organist, but with the volume of calls I am getting to sub here and there, I don't think that I will have a problem securing a position somewhere if I decide to go back to that position.

An Abomination to the Lord
Written by Donald Moro   
Saturday, 21 July 2012 21:12

Court Street United Methodist Church Lynchburg

"An Abomination to the Lord" was the term used by an early minister of Court Street United Methodist Church (Lynchburg) to describe the organ.  I had the pleasure of walking around the streets of Lynchburg recently, and I was struck by the beauty of this building.  Although there is supposed to be a fine organ now installed, it's interesting to note that in the early 1800's many were opposed to such music.  I am thankful that times have changed...

Here is a link to the full story about the history of music at Court Street United Methodist Church in Lynchburg:


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The Joy of Playing a Tracker
Written by Donald Moro   
Wednesday, 04 July 2012 15:53

It's been forever since I played a tracker organ, even though that was on a tracker that I learned to play.  I have the pleasure of playing at Second Presbyterian Church in downtown Richmond this weekend, and I practiced yesterday.  They have a fairly new Noack instrument that plays beautifully.  Gave my fingers a workout, though, as I've gotten used to playing on electronic instruments.  I hope to be able to substitute at this church again!

Funny Thing Happened While I was Focused...
Written by Donald Moro   
Monday, 02 July 2012 18:16

Ah yes, the downside of being extremely focused on the music.  This past weekend I substituted at a Presbyterian Church in Richmond.  Personally, I thought that the service went very well, and I was pleased with my playing.  So pleased, in fact, that I left the church without my keys!  I had to make a special trip back to the church on Monday to get them.

It just goes to show you that although you need to focus on the musical performance to the exclusion of all else, you also need to keep your wits about you so that you can quickly react to last minute changes, provide guidance to those who expect it of you, and don't forget to pack your belongings when you leave!

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Play Into the Light
Written by Donald Moro   
Saturday, 30 June 2012 20:05

How unexpected!  Yesterday I mentioned how important it was for church organists to stay focused on playing in the midst of distractions like room temperature, noise level, faulty equipment, etc..  Today during services at St. Edwards, the bright sun aligned perfectly with the console of the organ, shining directly into my eyes!  It only lasted about 6 minutes, but during that time I was playing the Offertory hymn.  I squinted, squirmed, and did my best to stay with the music.  Eventually, because I couldn't see what I was doing, I just improvised the piece and got through it.  Amazing timing.  Was God testing me?

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